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Many fans have asked who the committee are and what do they do !

So we have published their names and titles as well as their official email addresses on the website.

This is my first year on the committee of the NCFCOSA and I am finding it both very enjoyable and rewarding. It is trying at times as aiming to please everyone all of the time is a little difficult, but with the help of very hard working committee members I believe we are getting there.

I hold the position of sponsorship secretary and with the assistance of Joshua Collishaw are the new media team for the NCFCOSA. Our chairman John Terrington and ourselves look forward to hearing more of the opinions of our members, strengthening our links to the press, and sharing interviews taken with the club and other figures of interest.

Questions were asked as to who actually runs the away day travel buses !

Let me assure supporters that the club run the buses to away games through Tim Bradd the Notts County ticket office manager and it is nothing to do with NCFCOSA. Members of the NCFCOSA often steward the buses to away games on behalf of the club but that is the only involvement we have.

Fans have been asking why is a committee member of the NCFCOSA the Supporters Liaison Officer !

Mr Dougie Pullen is a member of the NCFCOSA but not on our committee. We extend our thanks to him for his work as our media spokesman during a challenging period and we look forward to continuing the tasks of understanding and representing the opinions of members, and sharing interviews taken with key figures at the club and beyond.

Fans asked who the Committee are responsible to and how does a member become a committee member !

The committee are responsible to the members of the NCFCOSA (not to Notts County Football Club) and adheres to a constitution that ensures that our members can have full confidence in the integrity, purpose and aims of the Official Supporters’ Association.

The AGM: The secretary sends all members notification by email or letter of the time,date and place as well as the agenda 21 days before the AGM is due to take place, nominations for the election of officers and committee shall be in writing on the designated form, not less than 14 days before the AGM.

The information can be found on our website.

I hope the questions that were asked have been answered to your satisfaction, if you require any further information or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the media team or any member of the committee.

Melvyn Watson & Joshua Collishaw

Come on you pies!

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