The Mag 29/10: Pixels & Graphics Q&A

Since forming in 2013, the OSA have been lucky to have Pixels and Graphics as our sponsor, saving costs on printing membership cards, t-shirts, banners and photographs.

Patricia decided it was time to drop in to see Simon from Pixels and Graphics at 78 Chilwell Road, Beeston and have a few words with him to learn more about his printing business, which has been operating for five and a half years, and to find out more about his love for Notts County FC.


You decided to sponsor NCFCOSA, why did you consider supporting the Association?

Patricia called into my shop offering me a sponsorship deal and I jumped at the chance. With me being a Notts County fan, I wanted to support the club I had been brought up with.


Have you been pleased with the publicity NCFCOSA have given you in return for your sponsorship?

Yes – both David and Patricia have put in a lot of effort trying to promote Pixels and Graphics at every given opportunity and giving good value for my sponsorship.


Do you do a discount for supporters of NCFCOSA?

Yes – we can offer a five percent discount on all of our printed products on production of a membership card,


What services can you offer Notts County supporters?

We offer many types of products from business cards to flyers and large format promotional items to signage. Our websites all the products available. We are always happy to give customers a price.


You have always followed Notts County FC, who first encouraged you to follow them?

I would say I was a Notts County fan from about the age of five, sadly with my business it restricts me going to the matches now. My dad wasn’t a sports fan and had no interest in football, so my uncle Joe took me to football matches on a Saturday afternoon, and I have followed Notts County ever since.


Anyone interested in finding out more about what Simon has to offer, can visit or call 0115 837956.