The Mag 24/09 – Football Fans for the Friary

Football Fans For the Friary (aka the ‘4F’ initiative)

There are many things to be proud of as a Notts fan and one in particular is the high degree of community spirit which you all have in abundance.

It was, no doubt, with this thought in mind that I was asked by the Club Chaplain, Liam O’Boyle – or REV as it says on his training top! – if I thought that Notts fans would be prepared to help the homeless in Nottingham?  It turned out that we have a registered UK charity based on Musters Road in West Bridgford called the Friary who have helped local homeless and vulnerable adults to rebuild their lives by offering practical advice, health services, and emotional support for the last 28 years.

So I asked Helen Jones, the Friary’s Marketing and Communications Officer, to tell me a little bit about the work that they do there.

She told me that they encounter many hundreds of cases every year of individuals in immediate crisis and in need of supportive intervention.  They pride themselves in being a ‘stepping stone’ to help people progress their journey to recovery and achieve their potential. The staff at the Friary offer a commitment to individuals for days, months or even years depending on their need.  But to do so they have to depend on the generosity of Nottingham people and businesses.

Then, when I idly asked how many people seek their help each week,  I was stunned to learn that on average, the Friary receives almost 400 – yes 400 – visits a week from rough sleepers, the homeless, or people who are at threat of becoming homeless.

I asked Helen how Notts supporters could help and she told me that, right now, the Friary is desperate for unwanted trainers, jeans and tracksuit bottoms which can be given to those adults who really need them.

That seems to me to be the least we could do and so, at the next home game on Saurday 1st of October against Morecambe, we are going to launch the 4F Initiative – Football Fans For the Friary.  We’ll have collecting bins at the ground in prominent places and all we are asking you to do is to come to the game with any trainers, jeans or tracksuit bottoms that you no longer need or wear, and put them in the bins.  That really is minimal effort, at no cost, and will help Nottingham’s community no end.

So, tie a ‘Nott’ in whatever you tie Notts in, and please remember to bring your old trainers, jeans, and trackie bottoms with you to our next home game.  And you can then be proud that you have played your part in helping Nottingham’s homeless this winter. COYP

And finally, your predictions for today’s game

  • Ncfc Bone (don’t ask!):  2-0 Stead, 1 Campbell, 1
  • Toni Lebeter: 2-0 Stead, 2
  • Mick Bradford: 3-1 Stead 2, Forte 1

Remember to post your predictions on our Facebook page. Get both the scoreline and the names of the scorers correct, and a prize awaits you in the OSA office on Meadow Lane.



In our next issue – we turn the spotlight on Rev Liam O’Boyle and find out if God supports Notts!

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