Tales of a Weary Football Fan

Travelling on the official supporters’ coach back from Oxford last week, I couldn’t help wondering why on earth we were making that journey on a Tuesday night. By the time I had dropped off a couple of fellow fans in my car, after the coach got back to Meadow Lane, I eventually got to bed at 2 o’clock in the morning. I managed to get the grand total of 4 hours sleep before getting up to go into work.

But then, when I saw the remaining fixtures, I realised that we were considerably better off than fans of other teams in the division.

Because I can’t believe that Hartlepool fans were too happy about having to make the 560 mile round-trip to Newport that same night, to support their team.

And I’m sure that Wycombe Wanderers fans must have wondered if the fixture scheduling programme had gone completely bonkers when it decided that they would have to make the 450 mile return journey to support their team who were playing Morecombe. But at least they could have exchanged sympathetic waves with the Carlisle fans who were travelling 780 return miles in the opposite direction on their way to Plymouth!

The Yeovil fans must have been delighted that they ‘only’ had to travel 550 miles there and back to see their team play York!

The Football League has recently boasted how good attendances have been in League Two at the start of the season. I just wonder if it was a case of them getting their rebuttal in first? It is clear that absolutely no regard is being given to the convenience of the die-hard fans who follow their teams across the country.

It is about time that someone made a stand and insisted that the Football League should put its fans first because, without fans – there would be no football league. Mid-week matches should be played between teams that are no further than 150 miles apart unless there is a cast-iron reason why longer distances have to be travelled.