Romanian Magpies Form!

The Supporters Association is pleased to see the arrival of the Romanian Magpies, which is being operated by Rusti Dan Claudiu.

We’re very keen as the official supporters association to continue the work we do with the international branches, which as seen many bloom over the recent year. The Romanian Magpies join other groups set up from around the world.

With the growing numbers within the international magpies the club as seen it’s support gain from 1 (Italian Magpies) to around 23 to date, with Swedish Magpies awaiting to form officially and now with the arrival of our friends from Romania.

Each week we have promoted the activity from the international magpies within our section of #themag which can be purchased at all home games for £3 or picked up alternatively free of charge with your bench vouncher booklet (if you’re a season ticket holder).

Please follow the Romanian Magpies – Here

We hope you keep up-to date with the happenings with the association and all things connected to the club.