Project Diversity.

Saturday the 15th February 2020 the Notts County FC Official Supporters entered into their first project under the shared banner of Fans For Diversity.

The NCFCOSA Fans for Diversity team joined together with F.I.T.C. to stage a fun game of five a side football with their On the ball well-being team .

All NCFCOSA players received a free shirt from Fans for Diversity with the Notts County FC emblem on, both teams also received a meal deal and a match ticket.

Our players came out in their Fans for Diversity shirts looking really smart and ready for action. Harrison Holland, Isaiah -Fraiser -Codrington ,Anil Sigh large, Reuben Fraiser Stewart, Matt Bradley. Brandan Chambers, Chris Knight, James Tomlinson, Lee , Armes ,Colin Baker, Joshua Collishaw. Team Manager Matt Lawson and his Assistant Julian.

It was a fast game with the players playing on a hard surface, both teams looked impressive and both teams were clearly out to win. FITC lads put up a good fight but we managed to beat them, but it was not about the winning we will leave our team to do that, it was about inclusion and enjoyment, and we all certainly had plenty of that, the day was made perfect for the children when Mrs Magpie arrived.

Harrison Holland in action
Mrs Magpie’s arrival

At half time both teams were invited to go onto Notts County FC pitch side , it was an honour for both teams to walk out to the applause of the fans.

The players enjoyed the game so much we are doing it all over again before the end of the season contact [email protected] if interested.

Our thanks go out to, Christoffer and Alexander, Jason Turner, Alice Kelk for their support, Andy Stokes for the photographs, Maria Ryder from FFD for her support, Mrs Magpie and finally all the players and the team Managers. Thank you to Ian Richardson for hosting the game his staff and players.