Paul Hart Interview

Back on the 8th of September we (NCFCOSA) was invited down to the Notts County Academy to promote/meet the youngsters to whom a donation of £500 would go towards. The Academy used the money to purchase much needed equipment – Our story about this can be found here.

We are also hosting an event at the Meadow Lane sports bar which includes a disco and guest speakers – interest? Read More.

NCFCOSA) How vital is it for an academy to be working alongside a supporters associations which will be raising money for them yearly?
PH) A working relationship enables the academy to move forwards in terms of improving its status.

NCFCOSA) Coming into the Academy recently how do you feel about the setup?
PH) Good people, room for improvement.

NCFCOSA) Does it make a difference to the youngsters knowing that they are being supported by the fans and NCFCOSA?
PH) It is important for them to realise the importance of player-supporter relationships and how to deal with it.

NCFCOSA) The club seems very keen to continue introducing it’s own talent to the first team ranks, does this encourage the academy players?
PH) Absolutely – vital.

NCFCOSA) How much of difference will the equipment make which was purchased through the NCFCOSA donation?
PH) Everything that has been purchased is of value and is greatly appreciated.

NCFCOSA) Who is the best player that you have seen come through any of the previous academies you have been involved with and why?
PH) Too many to mention but if I was clever I’d say Alan Smith!

We would to take the time to thank the Notts Academy and Paul Hart, we hope you enjoyed the interview and we look forward to working alongside the Notts Academy to make a difference.