OSA Donated Academy Equipment: A Big Help

The NCFCOSA are delighted to see that several pieces of equipment, recently purchased on the back of one of our donations, is a big help for the Notts County Academy. The equipment purchased via a second donation made by us earlier at the start of the season allows Paul Murphy to analysis the Youth Team.

The video camera monitors and records youth team games, providing the Academy with a better way to access the young players – in turn, it allows guidance to be passed down so that improvements can be made.

Donations via our committed work, allows for this to be possible – however, it’s only doable with the support of Notts County Fans.

Membership is vastly important, it provides us with a base and a way to make a difference within the Notts County community. Through work regularly put in by committee members who are proactive at fundraising, none of this would be possible and we actively encourage fans to consider getting involved by joining us. All money raised goes towards making a huge difference, so we would like to thank all those currently involved in supporting us.

We also look forward to making further contributions, of course support Mick Halsall, the Notts County Academy and all the future stars of the Football Club.