Onwards and upwards!

Dare to dream
Well here we are, ready for the eagerly awaited first home game of the 2016/17 season. This article was put together before the opening game of the season away to Yeovil and so it is a little difficult to strike up the right note in anticipation of our first game at home. One thing is for sure though: Those of you who watched any of our pre-season games would have been filled with optimism following some very encouraging performances.
Of great interest was the open training day when John Sheridan put the squad through its paces including some very intense defensive and offensive drills. I don’t want to give too much away but it was clear that they were designed to address some of last season’s short-comings which were all too apparent from the stands. And then, at the end of the session when all the players came to chat with the fans, pose for selfies, and sign autographs, it was particularly noticeable how up-beat they all were.
Is it too much to dare to dream that this will be the season when the second part of Chairman Ray Trew’s familiar rallying cry “Onwards and UPWARDS” becomes a reality?

Football Supporters Federation
The OSA is an affiliate member of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF), which held its Annual General Meeting at Wembley Stadium in July and at which the OSA was represented. For those unfamiliar with the FSF, it is a democratic organisation for all football supporters and has more than 500,000 members made up of individual fans as well as affiliated supporters’ groups such as ours. Its chairman sits on the FA Council and the Federation looks to represent the interests of all fans at the highest possible level. It was responsible for running the ‘Twenty’s plenty’ campaign last season to encourage football clubs to make football more affordable for visiting fans.
In the year ahead, the FSF council has undertaken to respond to the wishes of its members as proposed at the AGM and to pursue the following aspects of our game:
To regain the fans’ trust in the arbitration process.
To oppose proposals to allow ‘B teams’ or academy teams to compete in the English Football League, or League Trophy after this season’s ‘experiment’.
To press for greater investment of television money in the grass roots of football.
To get supporter representation in bodies responsible for the governance of the game – the FA and the English Football League.

Time to re-new, or even start, your membership of your Association
With the new season, we are pleased to offer all Notts County fans the opportunity of being part of the only fans-group recognised by Notts County Football Club. The Official Supporters’ Association meets regularly with the management of the Football Club to discuss issues and works hard to raise funds for the Club’s academy. We can only do this effectively with the support of you, the fans.
So pop along to our office on match-days, next to the ticket office on Meadow Lane, sign up, and become an official Notts County supporter. You’ll be in great company. Alternatively you can sign up after logging onto our webpage ncfcosa.co.uk.
Facebook News
On the NCFCOSA Facebook page, we asked members what they expected from the season ahead. Here is a selection of your answers:
“A better season than last year. Fight, passion, desire to win. Top half of the table finish!” (Tom Knight)
“Lots of pride passion & goals please!! Gotta win round some of the fans back. Keep the faith!!!” (Kelly Marie Watson)
“Realistically I can’t see why we can’t push for a playoff finish. As long as we are solid at the back!” (Luke Severn)
And our favourite from Peter Ashmore: “If I could call the shots it would be the scenic route: play offs n a fantastic win at………..WEMBLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Your Match-day Predictions
A new regular feature on our Facebook page this season will be a poll asking our members to predict the scores and scorers for each of our matches. We’ll pick three predictions for our home games at random and feature them on this page. Anyone whose correct prediction appears on our Facebook page will win a prize which can be collected on match-days from the OSA office, next to the ticket office on Meadow Lane. To start the ball rolling – here are three predictions for today’s game against Stevenage:

John: 2-0 (W) Oliver & Stead
Chloe: 2-0 (W) Forte & Stead
Nick: 3-0 (W) Forte, Rodman & Stead

Whatever the outcome; enjoy the game. And remember – YOU are the 12th man. Make some noise!

Hartlepool club house invitation

Looking ahead to Hartlepool we have received a kind offer for our supporters to use the Hartlepool Rovers Quoits Sports & Social Club club house situated on Easington Road Hartlepool TS24 812 before the game, parking is available,
it is 3 minute drive to the ground. Drinks are reasonably priced. Any groups that are interested can ring Alan on 01429 272158 and make a booking. Opening hours are 12 – 11.00 pm.

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