Official Supporters’ Association interview with Mark Stallard

As a footballer, Mark Stallard made 201 appearances for Notts, between 1998 and 2004, scoring 70 goals in the process. These days he is a Director and Financial Consultant with Onside Financial Management Ltd and, when he isn’t doing that, Notts fans will better know him as the co-commentator and summariser with Colin Slater for our matches on BBC Radio Nottingham.
He took time out recently to answer some questions about his playing career and his new role on the radio.
We started off by asking Mark which was his favourite memory as a Notts player.
He told us “My favourite memory as a player was on the last day of that first “Great Escape” season really. Beating Huddersfield in front of a packed Meadow Lane crowd to maintain our League One status after struggling badly for most of the season would be right up there, even though I was only a substitute that day after coming back from injury, it was still great to take part in and sample that sort of atmosphere. Obviously playing and scoring at Stamford Bridge was another stand-out moment too. I still say that I am disappointed that I never achieved promotion to the Championship with Notts, particularly the season Big Sam left, we had the players and squad to do it but we fell away badly.”
 And, during your time with us as a player, which Notts team-mate did you strike up the best understanding with, on the pitch? “It is hard to pick just one player really. I had a really good partnership with Danny Allsopp and also Paul Heffernan when he came through. Similarly I enjoyed playing with Craig Ramage, who I knew from our Derby County days, he had plenty of quality but his time at Notts was cut short through injury. I like to think that I was adaptable enough to enable me to play with any good players.”
 Do you still play football for fun? “Well I play a bit of 5-a-side now in an over 35s league (think I’ve found my level!!). I play in a few charity games when I can, but I don’t play 11-a-side anymore as its alright every now and again but the body doesn’t really appreciate the big pitches nowadays.”
 Turning now to your work for BBC Radio Nottingham, what would you say have been your toughest and, also, your favourite moments so far? “Toughest moment for me, as I’ sure it was for a lot of fans, was watching the Salford game. I don’t enjoy having to criticise the players. I feel I try and call it how I see it and if that means criticising them then I will, especially if I feel it is deserved, but I try to see it through my eyes as an ex-player who has been there during bad times on the pitch myself. You have to try and remember it’s always easier to talk about it than to actually do it! My favourite moment of the 15/16 season would be the Huddersfield match in the cup, second game of the season, and for me by far the best performance, unfortunately that was where the season seemed to peak.”
 And finally, Mark, which have been the best and worst stadiums to commentate from? “Best was without a doubt Aston Villa in the cup. Meadow Lane is also pretty good for facilities. Worst to commentate from is where you have a poor view, so Accrington, Wimbledon and Dagenham spring to mind straight away.”

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