We always welcome fans in to pop in for a chat with us, at our office! You can enquire about pretty much any topic regarding Notts County and we will have an answer for you, if not we will pass it on to the SLO and get back to you! Our team in the office are very friendly and welcoming, be sure to pop in on a match day!

Who can I speak to in the NCFCOSA Office?

You can pop into the NCFCOSA for a chat with Lois Brough (Membership Secretary) and Janet Barlow (Assistant Membership Secretary).

Where can we find you?

The NCFCOSA Office can be found to the right of the Ticket Office and to the left of The Broken Wheelbarrow.

When are you open?

1pm Match:  11:30 – 12.35 pm

3pm Match:  12:30 – 2.35 pm

Evening Match: 6.30 – 7.20 pm