NCFCOSA Update: 15/10/2015

With our recent progression to our fundraising target, the NCFCOSA are planning to make the biggest donation to date. This would see the Notts County Academy/ Centre of Excellence, further supported by us. With several donations already helping fund the Notts Academy, from general football equipment to video cameras and much more.

It is exciting to announce that we have managed to achieve the total of £2,000, which is only a further £1,000 away from our overall target.

Please visit our fundraising target page – Here

Several NCFCOSA committee members have recently met with the Academy Manager Mick Halsall, with discussions taking place on how best to move forward. We continue to pledge our support to the Notts County Academy, in hope that our achievements as fans make a greater impact on a much deserving area of the football club we support.

Thank you to all those who support us with our fundraising.