Message from OSA Secretary

Once again I am proud to say our fan’s have excelled themselves again this week with donations to our action fund, thank you to everyone who has donated for the second week. We have had donations from as far away as America this week, one was for £400. we had another donation for £1,000 from the UK, every penny has been welcome, it has really touched me to see supporters donating that do not have pots of gold themselves.
We have been able to support our staff this week with a good sized donation to help keep them a float until we get knew owners. The staff really appreciate what we are all doing for them and have been touched by the supporters generosity and kindness show towards them. 
I will would like to take this opportunity to thank John Terrington our Chairman for his hard work last weekend and the support he has given me, Loz who managed to take her buckets to Rolls Royce and Ilkeston with her family and the committee who have helped man the office on  week days,I must not forget David the treasurer who has been dealing with the banking side for us and making sure we gets the donations out too the staff as fast as they come in, he has had the most stressful job but satisfying one.
Let’s pray we get new owners in this week and we can all work together to make our club strong again.