Membership Report March 2015

Membership Report March 2015

It was an exciting time when the NCFCOSA was set up. A committee was formed and ideas flowed back and forth. I was asked if I would be Membership Secretary and I took over from Lisa with determination to do the best I can for the Club I have supported since the days of Tommy Lawton who I had the privilege of seeing.

All Committee work is time consuming and each member has their own job to do.

It was, and is, exciting when people come to join us new faces and some we have known over the years and as the numbers increased we felt so pleased.

Barbara (Lessiter) is with me on Membership and we have worked together for many years.

It is with great gratification to see the young footballers of the Academy and the Awards Night was a good night also the Forum too with Greg Abbott and Honorary Members Les, Dean Yates, Mike Edwards and Brian Stubbs

For Barbara and I it was very special when we had the honour of presenting Colin (Slater) with his as we have known him over the years and listen to him on the radio.

It is pleasing when Members come to see us in the Office and they love the Pens, Car stickers, Membership card, and Voucher.

At the present time we have a £5 discount price for Membership and they receive the pen Car sticker Membership Card and if a new Member the Badge.

Plans are already sorted for the new badge for next season

We raise funds for the Academy and recently a cheque was donated for £1,300 we are more than pleased we have achieved this and in total given £1,800 for this season.

The more Members we get the more money we can donate.

When I look back over the years supporting Notts County I feel proud and part of a Notts County Family.

Let’s all go forward and give our full support to our future Players and the Notts County Team.