Membership Report September 2015

I am pleased that the Membership has more Members than at this time last year.

Supporters are getting to know us and the work we are doing. The Committee go down to watch the Academy on a Sunday and raise funds by selling Raffle Tickets and distributing forms and information about the NC Club and the Official Supporters Association.

Whatever the weather the Committee are there unless everything is cancelled by the Academy due to weather conditions.

It is good that Members are joining online this is of benefit to those who have to pick their matches and for our Members abroad.

Everyone is welcome to pop in the Association Office for a chat or to join or renew Membership.

I have been busy making up the Membership Packages and at the moment I am busy fixing a date for our new Honorary Member St Raymond to receive his Honorary Members Package.

We are waiting for him to confirm the date for early next month.

I have in the past week welcomed and sent Membership Packages to our Supporters in Holland and Ireland and our faithful Supporters in Lincoln, Sutton-in Ashfield, Nottingham Derby and Surrey.

Every Member is welcomed and appreciated and it is gratifying to know they also appreciate the work we are doing. All money raised goes for Equipment to the Academy.

Our latest, featured in the recent programme, the Camera enabling the Officials to monitor the progress of each Player.

Let us not forget it is from the Academy that Dean Yates and Mark Draper came from to graduate as first team players.

It is wonderful to support their work for our Players of tomorrow.

I remember the first time Dean Yates came on the pitch for his first team match and he is still with us at Notts County helping other Players in our bid for success.

We are a family Club and I would love one evening we could all meet one another, get to know one another. While it is important to support the Academy we must also support our Members.

That is why our Chairman John has arranged a trip to the Football Museum in Manchester and a meal on the way back on October 18th I know some, myself included, have seen the other one when at Preston and I am informed by Colin Slater our Honorary Member that there is much more available to see now at this one In Manchester.

Colin is sorry he cannot join us due to another commitment.

There are a few seats available if anyone wishes to go either phone 0115 9528849

Or call in the Association Office and you will be given all the details for this trip.

Notts County are on the up now and it is an exciting and encouraging time for Supporters

Lois Brough Membership  Secretary.