Honorary Members – John Harvey and William Ivory

Last Saturday before the game against Oldham Athletic, we presented two of our honorary members John Harvey and William Ivory with two special membership badges. It was a big day for us as an association, we was also looking forward to our visit from two international supporter groups – The Swedish and Norwegian Magpies!

William Ivory, Molly Ernestine and John Harvey arriving.

John and William kindly agreed to doing a short interview with the association and throughout the presentation we took photos.

David Akers, William Ivory, John Harvey, Molly Ernestine and Patricia Akers.

John Harvey and Molly Ernestine.

David Akers and William Ivory discussing football.

We’re very proud as an association to be working for the fans, especially to raise funds for the academy. Yet this is a special privilege which means so much to the committee, we are truly honoured to have John Harvey and William Ivory as honorary members and we thank them both for taking time out of their busy schedule to see us.