GDPR: How does it affect us?

Today is the day where across the whole of the European Union, GDPR became applicable as of 00:00am. GDPR replaces the former Data Protection Act of 1998 and is enforced when collecting, handling and deleting data from physical and digital methods of communication. By now, you have most likely received tens, if not hundreds of GDPR requests flooding your inbox.

We at the OSA, aren’t going to be spamming you with e-mails or letters requesting for consent, (which could be seen as illegal if consent hasn’t previously been obtained under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations), but are kindly requesting for members whom have become a member of the OSA in person to fill in the consent form at your next renewal period else we will be removing your data record on the 1st of June, since it is no longer necessary to hold the said data.

If you have signed up digitally through the NCFCOSA online membership process, you authorised us to send you communications when you originally registered with us, as consent will transfer between the Data Protection Act, you do not need to do anything else.

As per the NCFCOSA Constitution (point 3.9), data is held for four months after your membership package expires OR is retained providing you renew your membership.

For the matter of transparency, all data held is located within the United Kingdom. Digitally, it is located within a data centre with total security measures in Greater London whilst a physical record of membership data is held within a file, located at the NCFCOSA office and is locked away securely.

In line with GDPR, you can request for your record to deleted at any time or request to see your record too.

Requests can be made via e-mail to [email protected], via letter to: NCFCOSA, Meadow Lane, Nottingham, NG2 3HJ or in person at the NCFCOSA office.

If you have any concerns regarding data protection and the OSA, please contact [email protected].