Functions and fundraising renews club and fans’ hopes.

November’s earlier event provided an amusing informative presentation by retired Premiership referee Chris Foy, was made only more engaging with Lifeline’s popular quiz and an opportunity to pose questions of our manager, Neal Ardley, and a number of the players.

A fascinating evening where we shifted from learning nuances of medicassistance during a match to the character name of Postman Pat noless. If you’re still wondering where your quiz team finished thatnight please see below.

The evening was a joint event organised by both OSA and Lifeline. If you’re curious about how some of these vital funds generated will be used, well that answer was learnt at the recent fans forum. Two new scoreboards are to be purchased (one each respectively by OSA and Lifeline) and looking forward to their installation and the restoration of a much missed element of the stadium.

At the forum the new owners ,Alexander and Christoffer Reedtz, introduced several of their clubstaff and outlined their vision of a steady conscientious progressover the next two to three years with promotion back to the EFL apriority and their openness to consider ideas and how they could beimplemented to optimal effect for the club. The lease of the trainingground is set to be extended whilst consideration will be given to apermanent training site outright for the club in the future.

Nextseasons kit has already been decided but we were given no details atthis time as what the Danish brothers have concluded upon. If its ona par with this seasons designs we won’t be disappointed.

Acommitment to the Academy was renewed with the aspiration of theunder 23s team being restored as a future consideration as the clubreturns to a much stronger fiscal position. And whilst we heard nowild promises that which we did hear was considered practical andfilled us with hope and confidence. One suspects the next few yearswill build solid foundations that will prove a strength beyond ourstruggles of recent seasons.

Confidenceis high as progress will be sure footed and rooted in practical stepsthat will lift this club back to the heights that it and we its loyalfans deserve. COYPs!