Exciting evening with Chris Foy, Kevin Nolan and a guest player upcoming!

Notts County F C. & Notts County FC Official Supporters Association are hosting an evening with Chris Foy, a retired professional football referee, Kevin Nolan, and a guest player to be named closer to the time!
Chris Foy does an excellent evening for the fan’s providing video clips for audience participation, he brings you up to date with the latest rule changes, too. There were 80 alone last season! Furthermore, he will also give you the opportunity to ask questions. Kevin and his guest will also be involved in the questions, this should be a fun and enjoyable evening for all!
You will not be shouting you don’t know what you are doing to this referee!

Simon Fotheringham will be there for the evening, too. In the the second part of the evening he will be interviewing Kevin and his guest!
The night is hosted on Thursday August 10th, at 7.00pm; with a 7.30pm start in the 1862 Suite! We have decided with Notts County, to set the price to £7.50; included in the cost is a chip butty, as well. Notts County are releasing the tickets out shortly, we will provide an update to you at an appropriate time.

You can always reserve tickets at the NCFCOSA office, where will provide a receipt for you.

Expect an update to this article, in due course.

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