NCFC Official Supporters Association are stepping-up in attempts to assist club staff who’ve not yet been paid and who may, as a result of this, be facing hardship. (We understand that the PFA will assist players in this matter, so this Appeal would not include them).

If you are a Staff Member and need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact NCFCOSA in their office at the ground. This office will be open and manned between 10am – 1pm each day of this coming week. Your personal information and circumstances will be treated in the strictest of confidence and in line with GDPR.

It’s hoped that, as was the case with our last ‘Call to Action’ to secure enough moneys to pay for Philip Haffenden’s funeral – which our fabulous supporters DID in a very short time – Notts fans will, once again, ‘hear’ this plea.

Currently, we’re unable to ‘set a target’ for this “Emergency Fund” because we’re unsure of how many people have been affected by this situation and/or their needs. However, we feel – as many of the club’s fans do – that we’re unable to just sit back and let people ‘suffer’ through no fault of their own! It is expected that, rather than ‘cash’ payments to anyone, the NCFCOSA Emergency Fund will provide recipients with Vouchers.

It may also be the case, that the set-up of a Food Bank could be necessary in the future, but we’ll provide full details of that once we know more.

Full information on the work of NCFC Official Supporters Association can be found at: together with details of joining us for this and some innovative future projects, via a £10 p.a. Membership subscription. It’s hoped that supporters will, at this extremely bumpy time in our club’s history, take this opportunity of joining us to ensure solidarity of aim and love for our club: both now and in the future.

Further information and contact for us can be found:
on twitter @ncfcosa or
on our Facebook group:

i. NCFCOSA Office will be open from 10- 1 each day, next week
ii. All donations will be recorded by donor/amount, so that in the event of staff being paid, moneys may be handed back to donors or, with consent, retained for future Emergency use.
iii. Initially, moneys can be paid into the NCFCOSA bank account at Nat West –
Sort Code: 517006
Account: NCFCOSA
Account No: 76705331
and must be clearly marked “Call to Action” – Emergency Fund.
iv. Once a (separate) “Call to Action” bank account has been opened, moneys will be transferred to this new account with the resultant paper trail available for full transparency.
v. Two books will be kept: one for cash donations and one for bank transactions and a detailed account of all donations will be made available to anyone who requests it.
vi. Details of this “Call for Action” Emergency Fund by NCFCOSA may be shared on all social media

Thank you all so much for your help in this.