Academy Presentation Night

The academy had their presentation evening on 20th May 2015 which the NCFCOSA were proud to be a part of. When the committee arrived  they were met by Pete Jarvis, Mick Halsall, Dan Leivers. The air was already electric with all the younger players waiting for the presentation to start. Wow! how well turned out our youngster were thanks to their Mums and Dads, they ranged from smart grey suits, to sparkling white shirt and ties, we even had one footballer with a bow tie and waist coat who really looked the business, the youngsters  looked fantastic and behaved impeccably.

We must not forget the lead development coach for the 12-16 year olds Ammy Ninje, who was also in high spirits in his black shinny satin shirt and really looked the part, he even gave us a little dance and a high five which brought a smile to Aileen’s face and she could not resist a twirl herself.

The OSA was asked by head coach Mick Halsall if we could purchase the Academy a shield for the best player of the year, the committee were only too happy to be of assistance. Before presenting the shield Peter Jarvis spoke about the money that the OSA were raising for the Academy. The coaches from the Academy chose Colby Bishop who has had a fantastic season.

Malcolm Byron Chairman of the OSA presented the shield to Colby Bishop. Mick then did a question and answers with the players, we had some impressive questions and answers,  but just about all from a younger academy player, who had clearly got his sights set on being a disciplined dedicated football player when he is older.

Next Matt Lawson gave an impressive talk on nutrition expressing how important it is to drink 7 pints of water a day, and eat a good balanced diet, eat plenty of snacks at half time grapes, oranges, bananas, Matt said small snacks  keeps the energy levels up.

Mick then introduced the room to Colby Bishop fullback, Jordan Richards, right back, Ben Browne centre midfield, the younger players asked the players questions, it was clear to see how the players are turning into professional and confident football players were when answering the questions.

Next came the presentation of the younger players, the atmosphere really changed, the disciplined youngsters from early turned excitement and the room became alive, parents were rushing to take pictures of their children it was lovely to see the proud Mums Dads and Grandparents.

The evening went well and it was nice to have both parents and coaches coming over and shaking our hands who recognised us  from  fundraising at Highfield’s.