A Heart warming story of a Notts County Supporter living in Australia

A Heart warming story of a Notts County Supporter living in Australia
Told by Patricia Akers
Christmas Cheer For Ken
Imagine being told you have weeks to live and you are praying you will make it for Christmas, then thanks to good advice from one of Nottingham’s local Specialists six weeks on you are planning for the best Christmas ever with your family.
Ken my Brother-In -Law who lives with his family in a sleepy village of Wamberal in Australia emigrated to Australia in the sixties to pursue his football career leaving Grantham United FC .
Seven weeks ago we had a phone call from family to give us the sad news that Ken had been diagnosed with CCL a high grade Lymphoma and Motor Neurone disease taking the use of his limbs and he had not responded to the chemo treatment. The Specialist said there were no trials available in Australia and the future was dim with weeks to live.
It was clear to see the health care was not up to the UK standard just reading the medical report, I later proved my theory correct. The desperation from my niece gave me an idea, I suggested they send me all the reports and diagnostic images and I would see if I could get advice, that was the best hope I could offer .
I fund-raised for the Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal for a number of years until my husband fell seriously ill. I have always taken an interest in the work that was going on at the City Hospital campus, the research side really interested me the trials etc. and still does. I decided to contact Professor Russell a top specialist at the City Hospital to ask for advice, I send the reports and images in the hope he remembered me from my fundraising days . Less than 24 hours he contacted me and then his colleague Chris emailed me with the name of a Specialist in Sydney who he said could help Ken and he would be in good hands.
Four weeks ago he made the long trip to Sydney hospital in poor health struggling to manage the journey hoping for a miracle. On arrival at Sydney hospital the Specialist had a different attitude and talked positive about curing him long term, suddenly life was looking rosy, he put him on trial tablets saying give it four weeks and you will start to pick up. The good news is we heard today after four weeks the masses in the abdominal area has shrunk, he has taken a walk to the coffee shop, his usage in his arms have returned and he has managed to do some gardening and he is improving.

‘The Nottinghamshire Leukaemia Appeal’.

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