A game with the Swedish Magpies!

The NCFCOSA was pleased to learn that two international supporting magpies would be making their way to Meadow Lane on the 20/09/2014, all in aid to see Notts County take on Oldham athletic.

The pair were briefly introduced to the committee, then show around the nearby parts of Meadow Lane,after which they were both introduced to Damian Irvine who whisked them off for a mini tour of Meadow Lane. He kindly sorted out their match tickets and they even found time to have photographs pitch side and in the dugout.

Swedish Magpies “We’re on the BENCH!”

Damian told us “Having supporter groups and international supporters is a real lift for the club. The office always talks with interest about any communications or visits from supporters all over the globe. Notts County is a truly “ purist” football club, for those who have a love of the beautiful game and its history. Internationally based supporters are so important because most clubs and football playing countries have nothing but affection and respect for our ‘pies as a true football treasure. The story of the Swedish ‘pies attending their first match to write an article and falling in love with the club is one that is often heard repeated such is the mystic and sincerity of Meadow Lane and the people who form the club. The more internationally based supporters visit us and spread the word the more people will learn our story and follow our progress.

Some of our more high profile supporters The Hives are all Swedish and it was brilliant hosting a few of their countrymen here for the match v Oldham”

Per (one of the two Swedish Magpies) told our media representative “We visited Notts about six years ago and have followed the club closely ever since – its in our blood now! :-)”.

Back inside the ground we all bumped into Mike Edwards who was more than happy to introduce himself to the Swedish Fans and have a photo taken with them.

Whilst walking back to the club shop, the NCFCOSA introduced the Swedish Magpies to the new Notts SLO – Stuart Brothers,who introduced himself and spoke for a short time with the fans. The Swedish fans seemed very proud to be included into the “Notts family” which is pretty much the way of life for magpie supporting fans.

When asked about the Swedish Magpies, Stuart said “It was great to meet the Swedish Magpies ahead of the game on Saturday. At least if the game might not have delivered they appeared to be enjoying their day none the less! Great to see so many giving them a warm welcome as well, no shortage of fans on hand to greet them!”.

After having their photo taken with Kyle Dixon, Greg Tempest and Jeremy Balmy, the pair were then introduced to fans within the Meadow Lane Sports Bar where they met up with their Norwegian counterparts. Many thanks to Notts fan Andy Black who took over hospitality, as they enjoyed engaging with the local fans and the Norwegian Magpies.

Below you will see some pictures of the day. We hope you enjoyed reading up about Per & Fredrik. We wish to send them our regards and we look forward to seeing them both in the future.