2015-16 OSA Membership

With the first league game at Meadow Lane quickly approaching, we are very optimistic about the campaign, also we are excited about the difference in which we are making in not only to the Notts County Academy but around the club itself.

We are very keen to achieve greater things this season and with two donations already made during the pre-season, it is looking very promising. The Chair of the OSA is very active with fundraising, our Secretary and Treasurer are pro-actively making a huge difference, as is the Membership Secretary and in fact all of the committee are busy with our voluntary duties. I myself have been putting in a lot of time contacting various media departments, accessing the site and managing it to ensure we are continuously moving forward.

It’s at this stage, I would like to plug the new membership for the 2015-16 season.

By joining us for just £5, you receive a membership package.

Our goal for the 2015-16 season is to raise £3,000, in which we have already raised £1,249 (£1,000 of that has been donated already) and we have an upcoming fun day, with members and fans being encouraged to join us for a trip to the National Football Museum in Manchester.

It’s always good to introduce new members to the growing membership base in which we have, so why not join us today? Be apart of the difference we are trying to make and the influence in which we have.